Glycerin –  The glycerin used in our products are of vegetable origin that is ethically and sustainable produced from non-GMO palm oil/palm kernel oil from Malaysia.


Isostearyl Palmitate – It is derived from natural (non-animal) ingredients which is an ester from Isostearyl Alcohol and Palmitic Acid.


Lecithin –  This is derived from Soy.


Palm Oil – While we do not directly purchase palm oil, a small percentage of our natural products have ingredients that are derived from palm or palm kernel oil.


Propanediol – A natural, pure, petroleum free glycol which is derived from Corn.


Squalane – This is derived from Olives.


Tocopherol (Vitamin E) –  This is derived from Soy.


Vanilla Planifolia – This is an extract derived from the plant.


Products that are made gluten-free are to the best of our knowledge based on supplier information and formulation procedures. Normal operations involve shared kettles and preparation areas that may contain traces of gluten